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My favorite mistake

In  2002, I made my favorite mistake, and 10 years later given the chance, I would make it all over again.

My best friend brought it up while we were traveling last week and the memories still make me smile and wonder what if….

My company was getting a whole new accounting software system put into place and the project team came from all over to help.  I had a good friend on the team who invited me to lunch with them one day.  I befriended a few members of the team and one day one of them brought a new member over to meet me and if there is such a thing as love at first sight, this was it.

Tony was beautiful.  He had a great smile, a killer body, and I would learn an amazing personality to match.  He was originally from Portugal, but now lived in Canada and was interning with that division of my company.  There was going to be a happy hour the next evening and he offered to drive me if I wanted.  From that night on we were inseparable.  From the 1st night we hung out I knew it was a bad idea, he was only here for 6 months at best, he wasn’t even a US citizen so it’s not like he could come back down the road, and we were in our early 20’s not thinking long term.

We had a full relationship in the 6 months he was here, we started dating, decided it wasn’t a good idea because of his temporary status and broke up, got back together the next day, went on a couple of vacations, he asked me to move into his apartment while he was there ( I mostly did), we celebrated my birthday, he met my friends and then all to soon the 6 months was up and it was time for him to go back to Canada. When it was time to say goodbye, I smiled and said it stoically and as soon as he was gone, I bawled my eyes out.

For the first month after he was gone we emailed and then his internship with my company ended and we never spoke again.  Since the immersion of Facebook and other social websites, I have looked for him now and then, but have never had any luck.  I told my best friend that if anyone ever made me feel half of what he did, I would have to marry him.

Knowing that 10 years later I would think of him still and remember him fondly and smile at the memories, it makes me know that I would do it all over again.   Someone once said don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened and that it exactly what I do when I think of Tony, my favorite mistake.


Playing the Game

I am a huge baseball fan.  I have had season tickets to my home team since 1999, travel to see them play on the road at least once a year and have recently fallen in love with the All Star game and have been to the last 2.  I love the game and all it entails.

Last week while in Kansas City for the All Star game, I met a nice, good looking guy in the hotel bar.  He graciously offered to give up his seat for my friend and I, but there was an empty one on the other side of the bar so I grabbed that one.  He still found a way into out conversation and we ended up talking until last call.  He paid for a couple of drinks because he said he was enjoying the conversation so much.  When the bartender came over and announced last call I asked, “is it last drink or are you kicking us out?” My new friend leaned over and said, “I have an idea, why don’t we take these last drinks upstairs.”

At this point I had a decision to make and it didn’t take long, after all,I am a 30 something single female and on vacation.  I agreed and joined him in his room where things progressed as one would assume they would.  When things were over and I was going to head back to my own room he asked, “should we try and keep in touch?”  I thought about it for a moment, the conversation we had downstairs was really good, there was an attraction there, and we were very compatible in the relations area.  But then reason kicked in and I said, “We don’t have to play that game.” He agreed and as he was walking me to the door I had a last second change of heart and left my number and he in turn gave me his email.  I know I will never hear from him and I will never use the email he gave me, but for a moment it was nice to not be part of the game.


Glad there are still some firsts for me!

This is my first attempt at a blog and it is not because I am so vain that I think everyone will want to know about my life, that is what Facebook is for! No, this blog is because sometimes I want to be able to put my thoughts out there and see if anyone can relate or has been in a similar situation or just wants to talk.

My best friend likes to say people that put all of their business out there are living out loud, so this is the start of me living out loud. 

Hello world!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Angela and I am excited to start this blog.

These are going to be all 100% true stories, but names (other than mine) will often be changed.


I hope someone out there reads what I have to say!

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